Stairlifts Repair Seattle Residents Need


Your stairlift is one of the most important devices in your home and you need it to be in tip-top shape at all times. However, your stairlift is like any other piece of machinery and will occasionally have operational issues. It’s best to be aware of these issues so that you can contact services for the stairlifts repair Seattle trusts. 

Knowing the common issues stairlifts face can help keep you safe and your equipment in working order. At JWS Elevator we believe in providing quality stairlift repair services with excellent service to give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Common Issues For Residential Stairlifts

In order to give you the repair services you need, you have to know common issues stairlifts face and if there is anything you can do to fix it. By knowing these prevalent but easily fixed issues, you will be taking great care of your residential stairlift.

  • Key Switch: A stairlift’s key switch is a common problem area when it is in the incorrect position. If the user fails to turn it properly, or if curious grandchildren decide to play with the key switch while you’re not looking, it can seem like a more serious operational issue than it is. Locate the switch and test your stairlift by turning the key off and then back on.
  • Power Supply: This may seem like an obvious feature to check when you’re having issues, but many forget about it because it is so simple. Confirm that your stairlift’s power supply is plugged into a functional outlet. If your stairlift still doesn’t work after testing a couple of power outlets, call the trusted Seattle stairlift repair service right away.
  • Battery Disconnect Switch: A stairlift’s battery disconnect switch can cut off the power supply to your stairlift. This switch is typically located in an area of the stairlift that would make it difficult to accidentally hit or nudge it. Before you call a stairlift repair service be sure to check that this switch is on. 

JWS Elevator is committed to providing any and all services that your stairlift needs, but we want to ensure that you aren’t paying for a service that you could have done yourself. Whenever you are concerned about issues your stairlift is having, contact the center for stairlifts repair Seattle trusts. 

Call JWS Elevator’s 24 hour service line at (425) 478-2126 for any of your stairlift repair needs.