Elevators & Lifts - Regular Maintenance Program

Lift & Elevator Maintenance Service for Seattle & Beyond

Lift & Elevator Maintenance Keeps Your Lift or Elevator Running Smoothly

 Contact JWS Elevator company about your needs today ! Ask us about contractual, preventative maintenance customized to suit you and your elevator or lift equipment. We offer full maintenance to annual service . With our assistance, elevator maintenance is truly carefree.

Here are some of the things the property owner or manger can do to save money and make sure your next inspection is successful:


!. Check to see if the lightbulbs are working.

2. Make Sure you have current operating certificate in the car.

3. Listen for unusual Noises and if it’s a rough ride. 

4. Check for tripping hazards, like snags in the rug

5. Pick up the phone, state your name & say youre just testing.

6. Vacuum the vents and sill grooves.

7. Ensure the machine room is clean. It’s not a storage closet.

8. Ensure the machine room door closes automatically and locks. 

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